The Leading AI Legal Solution For Your Business

Legal Hat uses the power of AI to evaluate and optimize your business contracts in seconds — boosting legal protections while slashing how much time and money you spend on legal services.

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We Automate the Contract Review Process, So You Can Run Your Business

Running a company comes with a lot of contracts. Legal Hat significantly simplifies this process and helps you negotiate favorable terms. The result? Better legal protections at a fraction of the time and money you currently spend.

Tailored to Your Needs
Start a review of an agreement in just seconds. Legal Hat specializes in all legal contracts — from supplier contracts and contractor agreements to NDAs and warranties.
Unmatched Legal Accuracy
Our state of the art AI analyzes your contracts, identifying potential issues and easily explaining them to you.
Auto-Generated Replies
Tell Legal Hat your desired terms and we turn them into improved legal clauses to redline and negotiate your contract.
Legal Fee Reduction
You can choose to send your legal team the pre-reviewed contract, streamlining their final review and saving you time and money.

Using Legal Hat to review our contracts and auto-generate our redlined responses has saved countless hours of employee time and tightened our agreements. We still send our most important contracts to outside counsel, but Legal Hat's initial review cuts down on the number of hours we pay our legal contractors.

Judith Black
COO of Workcation

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Every Business Deserves Legal Protection

You didn’t go into business to spend your time and money reviewing contracts, but doing so is essential for your company’s protection. At Legal Hat, we’re using the power of AI to handle this critical legal work for you.

Behind our solution is a team of leading AI engineers, previous business owners, and practicing lawyers that are driven by a fundamental belief that small businesses should never be at a legal disadvantage just because they are small. Our goal is to reduce the time and money your business spends on reviewing and negotiating contracts, so you can get back to doing what you got into business to do in the first place.