Understand and Defend Your Renters' Rights

Legal Hat simplifies your rights as a renter in a language you actually understand, helping you protect what you're entitled to.

How Legal Hat defends your rights — for free

Legal Hat connects NYC renters, housing resources, and legal aid.

1. Provides Simple Answers to your Questions

Legal Hat is smart, but never intimidating. We trained our AI using thousands of local laws, codes, and lawyer-curated articles. When you chat with Legal Hat, you'll immediately get answers that actually benefit you.

2. Links to Hundreds of Resources

We're connected to hundreds of up-to-date articles and resources published by legal aid and public advocacy groups. You’ll get the information you need way faster than a traditional internet search because we’re only interested in delivering answers, not showing you ads.

3. Connects you with Legal Assistance

Most New Yorkers have the right to free legal aid from various nonprofits around NYC. We're here to decipher your options and get you help fast.

Loved by renters all over NYC

And if you'd like Legal Hat to be available in your city, please let us know!

    • Legal Hat helped me finally get my security deposit back! It knows its stuff.

      Stephanie R.
      Fort Greene Renter
    • I had no hot water for two weeks and my landlord was ignoring me. Legal Hat helped me get my landlord to fix it.

      Clarke B.
      Astoria Renter
    • My apartment is rent stabilized and my landlord was trying to raise my rent. Legal Hat helped me figure out that it was more than allowed.

      Kayla G.
      Park Slope Renter
    • I knew that I had a right to a rent freeze, but I didn’t know how to get it. Legal Hat instantly surfaced the right information.

      Lindsay P.
      Chelsea Renter
    • My building was doing construction and I couldn’t sleep. Legal Hat helped me write a letter to my landlord and report it to the city.

      Karl M.
      Harlem Renter
    • I was being evicted and Legal Hat helped me find a free lawyer to represent me in NYC housing court.

      Simo Z.
      Greenpoint Renter

Frequently asked questions

If you can’t find what you’re looking for, please send us an email: hello@legalhat.com.

    • Does Legal Hat provide legal advice?

      No, Legal Hat does not provide legal advice – but we may be able to help you find a lawyer.

    • How much does Legal Hat cost?

      Legal Hat is completely free.

    • What do you do with my information?

      Your information is completely private and we never sell it. Please see our Privacy Policy for more information.

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